If you have seen a show of mine and would like your testimonial added, please comment below or email me. I accept and post all forms of critiques and testimonials, so fire away! Please let me know if you would like to remain anonymous or if I can include your first name/ last name/location. Also, if you would like me to include your website or other social media  info on the testimonial, let me know.

"Goddammit, but I fucking love you, Patricia! Thank you for sharing your shadows. You are what Bill Hicks used to call a "dark little poet". Big love xxx"
-Dee Sunshine, UK/Thailand/No Fixed Address

"I must tell you, your Camel Toe is even more impressive in person! Next time I see you, can I take a selfie with it? I'll be thinking about your Camel Toe all night long!"
-Steven Brine, Vancouver (after Yuk Yuks show)

"I have never before laughed at the topics you approached! But you kept shocking me into laughter and then I'd groan cause I know I'm not SUPPOSED to be laughing at that stuff but I can't help it...you make molestation and suicide laughable! That's both genius and twisted."-Sarah, Surrey

"If your life is boring, you may want to enter Patricia's world, briefly. Just laugh and get out before skidding down the slippery slope into her dark comedic world, described by survivors groups, as edgy, raw and twisted."
- Author Rod Baker, Vancouver

"Wow!!! You were great in your comedy video! You have got a lot of courage doing that, and pulling it off! I liked the darkness, I think people put too much shame to stuff that should be talked about! I loved it!!! 
-Maleah Bajich, Qualicum Beach

"Goddamn, your darkness is hilarious and terrible all at the same time! I was laughing and cringing simultaneously!! Well done."
-Simon, Vancouver

"Smart, edgy comedy! You were like a conductor on that stage"
-Some dude from my Yuk Yuks show...I forgot to write his name down :(

"You were my favourite comedian of the night!"
-Brittany, Coquitlam

"I just choked on my breakfast cereal from laughing so hard at your comedy video"
-Tash, Nanaimo, BC

"You should only talk about those subjects at Therapy"
-Everyone, Vancouver

"Patricia Morrison really digs deep and talks about things that most of us repress and hide away from the public. It's brave and inspiring. I didn't know you could talk about those things and make people laugh!"
-Dave, Maple Ridge

"Patricia loves to hate herself and she sweeps us up in her self loathing and lets us enjoy the ride"
-Alex, Toronto

"You suck, you suck, you suck!!!"
-The Voices in My Head - Vancouver, BC

"Damn!!! Raw, honest, truthful! I cried from laughter!"
-Jenny, Vancouver

"You're a comedic ninja! I didn't see any of that coming. How can someone so sweet and innocent looking become so twisted and depraved?"
-Some Dude at a show

"Even though your material was really dark at times, I actually liked that the most! It was relatable and it was like you were picking out my most private and shameful thoughts and making them acceptable and hilarious! Thank you. I felt like I really connected to you because you 'got' me when nobody else ever does. I can't wait to see your next show."
-Mark, Vancouver

"She's authentic, real and oh so self deprecating! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time"
-Sylvia, Vancouver

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