Patricia Morrison is a Vancouver, BC based Comedian, Writer, Comedy Coach, Yoga Teacher and Former Exotic Dancer. She has struggled with many mental illnesses and is a survivor of childhood sexual abuse.

Her edgy style is known for being politically incorrect, dark comedy that is smothered in sarcasm, and topped with self deprecating, witty, satirical humor. Patricia lets it all hang out and tells it like it is while embracing and joking openly about her traumatic past and present.

Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, Agoraphobia, Panic/Anxiety Disorder and Suicide Ideation, performing stand up comedy has become her medicine, as laughter is healing, inexpensive and has no side effects. Entertaining the masses, by sharing her adventures into lunacy and self destruction, is what keeps her tethered to this world.

Always an unconventional Occupational Connoisseur, this former Stripper turned non-practicing Bulimic, was born and raised in Toronto, ON. She has been writing, performing and producing stand up comedy for over four years and has an "award winning" Comedy/Cartoon Blog named The Writing Womb.

She performs several times a week at most open mics around the city. In addition to performing regularly at Yuk Yuks Comedy Club, Lafflines Comedy Club and The Comedy Mix, Patricia leads a weekly joke workout room specifically for comedians as well as being an MC and co-host at a local, weekly, open mic night. She has also helped form and produce the production company, "Comedy Lizard", and is a frequent contributor and performer in their bi-monthly shows.

If your life is difficult or boring and needs to be injected with some laughter, you may want to briefly enter the twisted, comedic mind of Patricia Morrison.

Her upcoming Comedy Memoir entitled "My Eyes Are Bigger Than My Vagina; Confessions from a Bipolar, Agoraphobic, Suicidal, Comedian/Stripper/Yoga Teacher", is available May 13, 2016 through Amazon.

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